TLD: Class Notes, 4/19/2015

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A couple topics to drop off, and some experiments with blog formatting. Beware the formatting!

During our main class, there was some discussion of the traditional haka dance (from the Maori people of New Zealand; thanks Wikipedia!), and how it might be applied to taiko. Well, last summer at the World Taiko Gathering a group from New Zealand performed just such a combination at a lunchtime session. IPC Kodama is a student group at International Pacific College, and they put on an amazing show in spite of the constant rotation of members.

In performers, we started playing with tai chi partner exercises.  This is the video that got me started along this path; it’s a really great introduction to some of the fundamentals of push hands, and really accessible to anyone.


Lastly, and hoping for timely posting, World Tai Chi and Qigong day is this coming Saturday.  In Colorado Springs, there’s apparently a big event going on at America the Beautiful Park from 10am to noon for people of any and all skill level, including no experience whatsoever!  For (not a lot) more information, there’s some contact info for the Tai Chi Association of Colorado Springs, who are putting on the event.  I’ll likely be attending, and hopefully will see you there!