Taiko Link Dump — NATC 2015 Edition

Donovan | Comments Off on Taiko Link Dump — NATC 2015 Edition

NATC 2015: The North American Taiko Conference (NATC) is an event run every other year to bring together taiko drummers from all over North America, with some from around the world. This year’s event will be in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 11-14. The event features workshops from some of the best taiko instructors out there, with performances from many different groups, each with their own style. The schedule is, as always, packed.

Having attended a few NATC events previously, and last year’s similar but different World Taiko Gathering, my opinion is these events are fantastic. The workshop sessions give you a chance to learn different styles of drumming, or new pieces, or how to play instruments you’ve never tried before. The concerts give you a taste of what taiko is across the country, and how different groups approach it. And the whole event allows you to meet and connect with many of the wonderful people who call themselves taiko drummers. Plus you get to be part of a group like this!

Registration is currently open, and a workshop list is already available (though sign-ups haven’t started yet). I’m all registered, and I hope to see you there!