Taiko Link Dump — 3/8 post-class roundup

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A few links from today’s conversations. These are to help me remember as much as you. 🙂

Performers class has started working on odaiko, and playing solos on the big drum. We’ve talked a bit about how odaiko solos can be arranged, and how watching video from some of the Japanese odaiko competitions can be a great help. Well, turns out said videos are a little harder to find than you might expect. I found a few from past odaiko competitons. Most of what I could find is odaiko solos, like this one from Isaku Kageyama. And there’s the less traditional take by TAIKOPROJECT.

Taiko 1 is working its way through an open source piece, Korekara. A great resource for this piece can me found at TaikoSource. The korekara page includes a link to the sheet music for the piece (kuchshoga and western), videos of each section, and a selection of custom arrangements by many different taiko groups. For those starting to learn this piece in our Taiko 1 class, there may be some great help here. For those who learned the piece before and can’t remember the sticking arrangement, there’s no help here (lots of variations, lots of flair, someone does every variation we discussed…). TaikoSource is also the home of many taiko resources, from a list of commonly played songs, to information about the instruments themselves, to research papers on the history and traditions of taiko.

Also a highlight is the taiko group map. There’s been an ongoing effort since the 2011 North American Taiko Conference to record where taiko groups exist around the world. This map is the current state of that project, allowing you to explore different regions and see just how much taiko there is. Each pin marks a group, and clicking the pins will give you the name of the group and a link to their website. Very cool.

And for what should be the final plug, North American Taiko Conference workshop registration is now open to all. This should be a wonderful event for any taiko enthusiasts, and a great way to meet fellow taiko players. I hope to see you there!