Our Kuchishoga

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Taiko Society teaches all of our arrangements using kuchishoga. If you are to follow this blog or join our classes please memorize the following terminology:


DON (aka DO, RO, KO, DORO, DOKO) –  This is a loud hit in the middle of the head. When learning the kuchishoga please place a significant emphases to signify the loud stroke.

TSU (aka KU, TSUKU) – A quiet and soft hit to the center of the head. From our set position just relaxing the wrists slightly is enough to produce this, there is not a need to raise the bachi in order to achieve the hit.

KA – (aka, RA, KARA) – A soft hit on the edge of the taiko using only the top 1″  of your bachi.

SU – A silent note

ZU – A strong press of the bachi to the center of the head.