NATC 2015 Recap

Donovan | Comments Off on NATC 2015 Recap

Jim and I spent just spent a weekend in Las Vegas, taking in the North American Taiko Conference (NATC).  The event was held at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, with 3 days of performances, workshops, presentations, and networking with fellow taiko players from all over the country continent world.

I’ve actually had a hard time deciding what to say about going to NATC.  It’s a whirlwind, completely immersive event.  It’s a chance to eat, sleep, and breathe taiko for an entire weekend.  So how to put it into words?

A great taste of what happened is in Taiko Community Alliance’s photo gallery of the event.  Be warned, there are A LOT of pictures.  The shows, the workshops, the get-togethers, it’s all there.  They did a great job sending volunteer photographers to just about everything that happened during the entire weekend, and the pictures are pretty impressive.  There’s at least a couple with me and Jim in them, but I’ll let you search through and find those if you so choose. 😉 There’s also some video popping up on Youtube, and a bit more in Facebook’s Taiko Community group.  Possibly video highlights to come in a later post.

For me the biggest takeaway was the “genki,” the energy everyone seemed to have.  Talking to people, it was clear just how excited everyone was to be there, to be with so many other taiko players, to be sharing an experience like this.  And just about everyone, from those who had been playing for just a few months to the taiko professionals and instructors leading the workshops, was incredibly open and accessible throughout the conference.  Despite coming from different groups, different backgrounds, it felt like one big taiko family.  Upon leaving, I felt (and still feel) a renewed motivation to keep practicing, and dive even deeper into the world of taiko.

I know I made many new friends who I hope to see again at the next conference.  And I hope to see you there too!

Also, this happened: