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Taiko Society in Colorado Springs on te%

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Obon festivals

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You may have heard me talking about Obon festivals during some of our classes.  Obon is a celebration of the ancestors, and a traditional time for homecomings.  In the United States, it’s frequently associated with a cultural fair and taiko. There’s a great online calendar of many Obon / cultural festivals occurring throughout the country.  Hopefully […]


NATC 2015 Recap

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Jim and I spent just spent a weekend in Las Vegas, taking in the North American Taiko Conference (NATC).  The event was held at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, with 3 days of performances, workshops, presentations, and networking with fellow taiko players from all over the country continent world. I’ve actually had a hard time deciding what to […]


TLD: Class Notes, 4/19/2015

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A couple topics to drop off, and some experiments with blog formatting. Beware the formatting! During our main class, there was some discussion of the traditional haka dance (from the Maori people of New Zealand; thanks Wikipedia!), and how it might be applied to taiko. Well, last summer at the World Taiko Gathering a group […]


Odaiko performances

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In no particular order here are some Odaiko performances you should watch while studying our Odaiko soloing arrangement:


Taiko Link Dump — 3/8 post-class roundup

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A few links from today’s conversations. These are to help me remember as much as you. 🙂 Performers class has started working on odaiko, and playing solos on the big drum. We’ve talked a bit about how odaiko solos can be arranged, and how watching video from some of the Japanese odaiko competitions can be […]


Taiko Link Dump — Hello, February?

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Little bit of random taiko nerding as we wrap up the second week of February: Nisei week, 1992: If, like me, you grew up on PBS in California, you may remember Huell Howser and his ongoing quest to find California’s Gold. This time he made it to Little Tokyo for Nisei Week, with lots of […]


Taiko Link Dump — NATC 2015 Edition

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NATC 2015: The North American Taiko Conference (NATC) is an event run every other year to bring together taiko drummers from all over North America, with some from around the world. This year’s event will be in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 11-14. The event features workshops from some of the best taiko instructors out there, […]


Video From The World Sport Stacking Association

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Click the title of above to see a video from the event. A test of coordination. It can be a solo trial, or a team effort. It’s… sport stacking. From around Colorado, roughly 250 competitors converged on the Olympic Training Complex in Colorado Springs on Saturday to see how fast they truly are at what’s […]


Our Kuchishoga

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Taiko Society teaches all of our arrangements using kuchishoga. If you are to follow this blog or join our classes please memorize the following terminology:   DON (aka DO, RO, KO, DORO, DOKO) –  This is a loud hit in the middle of the head. When learning the kuchishoga please place a significant emphases to […]