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    To book taiko society for a performance or for a private workshop please call 719.297.1171 or email Makers @ taikos {.} com
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    Tuesdays 6:00 to 7:45 @
    Tri-Lakes Center For The Arts
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    email (makers at taikos [dot] com)
    or call 719-297-1171.

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About Taiko Society

Colorado taiko since 2011.

Jesse & Carla Maddox founded taiko society in 2011 with a mission to make taiko accessible to everyone in the front range community. Taiko Society has performed hundreds of shows, taught private workshops and classes for schools, business, corporate team building and retreats.

Taiko brings a full mind and body approach to music and many of the lessons can be carried on to your daily life. We teach from a 4 element foundation:





These four elements are the keys to leaning taiko. Atitude is the act of being nice to the others in class and being nice to yourself as you being to learn a new skill. Kata is the skilled movement necessary to play taiko without injury and the ability to sychronize that movement within an ensemble. Energy is what you bring to class and performaces and learn to dig deep to find and maintain. Lastly ability is the musical skills you learn and practice applied to the taiko.

Taiko Classes & Workshops

Taiko Classes & Workshops

Tuesday Evenings

Taiko Classes are held every Tuesday evening from 6:00pm to 7:45pm at the Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts in Palmer Lake. Our taiko classes are open to everyone regardless of experience, and beginners can start at any time. Pre-Registration required before attending your first class by calling 719.297.1171 or via email makers [at] taikos.com


We can bring our taiko to your shcool, office or group gathering anywhere in Colorado. Taiko offers many uniqe team & confidence building exercises suitable for all ages. For more info call 719.297.1171 or email makers [at] taikos.com

Drills only taiko class

In this class you will not learn any performance repertoire the focus is on rhythmic drills. The drills class is open to any type of percussion from African djembe to Cajon to taiko. You bring your drum (or play on our taiko) and start getting better skills as a drummer or percussionist.

Taiko Society Instructors

Taiko Society Instructors

Carla Maddox is a trained music educator specalizing in early childhood music. Jesse Maddox is a graduate from the Berklee School of Music and was awarded the Gloria Estefan scholoraship while attending. They have studied taiko since 2011 and have had the opportunity to learn from a variety of teachers, and perform with a large range of groups. Below is a partial list of guest instructors they have brought in to teach taiko or taken classes from:

  • Eeichi Sato
  • Eien Hunter-Ishikawa
  • Kenny Endo
  • Kris Bergstrom
  • Kristy Oshiro
  • Koji Nakamura
  • Mark Rooney
  • Masato Baba
  • Masayuki Sakamoto
  • Matthew Shores
  • Shoji Kameda
  • Tiffany Tamaribuchi
  • Thomas Knight
  • Yuta Sumiyoshi

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